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  1. Mr Steven Metcalfe
    5th July 2016

    My Wife and i have recently bought a Mercedes Vito CDI Van, which has already been converted. Unfortunately, it does not have the Pop top roof, which didn’t bother us, thinking wed’e get one fitted at a later date. The vehicle also suffers from not having a proper A/C unit, so we are interested in having one of those too. Can you help with either one or both, and could you give us an idea of what the cost might be, for both parts, and labour. Many thank’s, Mr Metcalfe.

  2. Ron Scrimshaw
    14th December 2016

    Hi Simon
    I own A Bongo Weekender bought this year as a starter to try out camping which I have to say we are enjoying.
    The vehicle is ideal but I would prefer a different set up inside to suit my needs, this would mean doing away with the
    R& R bed to make two singles and having a galley at the back or a portable galley to use in the porch awing.
    I was wondering how much such a change would cost? Obviously you would have to see it but at the moment it is off the road until I tax it in March/April 2017. Regards Ron Scrimshaw TS 20 1 RJ

  3. Harry McCulloch
    4th June 2017

    Hi im looking to bye a vw camper van do u supply vans to.Im going to Alnwick to Dub 17th and will come and see u to see how all the van things works as im new to this.Any imformation u can give me would be a help Thanks Harry


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