T5 Full Width Sliding Rock & Roll Bed

For this conversion, the customer asked us to install a full width Rock & Roll bed. This was installed using our brand new and innovative rail fixtures. The bed can slide forwards and backwards while maintaining the safety of a secure fixture. The sliding capability provides much greater versatility. Slide it forward to fit large objects in the back or to have a greater degree of intimacy with friends and loved ones. Slide it back to allow for more living space.


We also fitted some LED mood lighting. This is operated using a remote control allowing the user to turn it on & off and to create the perfect lighting to suit your mood with the ability to select from an almost unlimited menu of colours.



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  1. Daniel Mole
    22nd August 2020

    I am looking at getting a T5 LWB, basic van converted and cam across your website. We are a family of six, so we just want a basic conversion, not loads of furniture. I would like a quote for the following please:

    Insulate and line the van. Pale Greay.
    Rock and roll bed on rails. Full width. With head rests. Three seats and Seat Belts. Dark Grey fabric.
    Ply and Altro vinyl floor.
    Leisure battery and two sockets.
    Pop top conversion in white externally. Light grey ceiling / bed. Six down lights. Bed and matress.
    Change fixed drivers seat to a swivel base.
    Change fixed double passengers base to a swivel base.


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